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    Here is the car-
    I think you need to be a Facebook member of that group to see it.
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    I've heard some stories about this TT being tested as the GT being the follow car. It's also no longer yellow either I hear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawineer View Post
    The guy is right about some stuff, but not others. Chassis was designed in England, etc. A lot of his sidebar facts were accurate. Saleen definitely helped PRODUCE (but not develop) the Ford GT. Fun fact: Rumor I was told is the one sent to magazines was underpullied to get better stats lol. However, the TT was not in response to the GT. We also didn't rush it. There were a zillion hours of tuning in it on the street. I think the problem was probably TT to TT comp version.

    See pictures below. We used the Ford GT as a chase car for a while. The video is of me in an underpullied Saleen Mustang Extreme riding shotgun during testing. The S7 engine was first bolted up with turbos. It's running nearly zero PSI boost.

    You can see the computer in the passenger seat of the S7 and maybe make out the fire extinghisher in the GT. You can see my Silverado in the background.


    It's also Sah-lean not "Say-lean"

    I haven't got that far, but I'm with you. I dont have time to jack with bits and parts here and there. I want a turn key, 3 monitor with good steering wheel and pedals.
    I've heard some stories about this TT being tested as the GT being the follow car. It's also no longer yellow either I hear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arizona Vipers View Post
    Oh wow awesome! Will be great to meet you. Man you guys are legends, did you know Tim Jelle? He ran Narra etc, he's a friend of mine here in Arizona. What ST4 car are you running? Me and another guy here are discussing splitting a spec Miata for Nasa. On a weekend, Saturday I'll run TT, he runs Race, then Sunday we'll switch. I think it'll make me a better driver not being able to rely on power and should do well with it as everything will seem "slow motion".
    Putting together a BRZ with aero, tuned on E-85 with a ton of suspension work. Still teething but I might not be able to carry the pace needed in 4. Considering dropping HP to put it in ST5 if I can't manage the pace. I'll know in the next 6 months. Agree, having gone to Spec Miata for a few years after running an ACR-X I felt like I could sip tea the whole time.....except for the 'bumps'. The trade off over a weekend seems like a good plan. I can't quite pull the trigger to go W2W in a Viper again. Thus the BRZ.

    Can't say that I know Tim but I know the name. I believe we might have run a few together back in the day.
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