IN/KY VOA...FYI...2021 Keeneland Concours d’Elegance Saturday, July 17, 2021...Tim Howard showing his 2002 Viper Final Edition GTS

As the title reads, IN/KY VOA Member Tim Howard will be participating in this long time running and well respected Concours by showing his beautiful Red/White F.E. 2002 Viper. See site:

In spite of this important event falling off of our schedule last year due to the pandemic, HOPEFULLY some of our Southern Zone Members will be able to attend and support Tim's efforts. What could be a nicer way to spend a Saturday than at Keeneland in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky?? !!!

In years past, several of our Members participated at the Keeneland event as well as many of the support events and dinners that were held prior to the Saturday Concours.

I am sure that this event will appear on our 2022 schedule.

Best of luck to Tim...and, have an enjoyable trip to all those who can attend,

Steve Fess, Membership and "Special Ops" Coordinator, VOA IN/KY Region, Inc. 317-402-9013