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    Gen V Aluminum Flywheel on Gen IV

    Is the V flywheel dimensionally the same as the IV?

    I've been researching and haven't found any confirmation of this.
    I came across two replies mentioning the IV Steel being used on a V, but with no example to back it up.
    If you or someone you know has one lying around I'd be willing to buy it for testing.

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    Give Scott R. at Prefix a call. He will know conclusively.
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    I have one on my ACR. Flywheel and clutch setup from a gen 5.
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    I took Steve911's advice and here is the answer:

    "It shares physical dimensions except for the steel clutch contact surface.
    The gen 4 and Gen 5 have different diameters of steel contact surface. If you have a gen 5 flywheel you need to use a Gen 5 clutch"
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