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    Soft top is coming unglued in many spots

    Good evening everyone.

    I’ve got a 2004 vert. I took a road trip this week from Houston to Austin and back. On the trip home doing around 90, I heard a flapping sound and looked up to realize a few points of the top are no longer glued together. It’s hard to tell what parts are meant to be glued and which aren’t. Initially, the back glass had come undone along the bottom. I applied a glass epoxy and fixed that but It’s looking like there’s more joints coming off. I will post pictures in the morning but does anyone know how the soft top looks from the factory? I’m going to try to super glue the spots back together.

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    Soft top is coming unglued in many spots.

    Me Too ! [me, not top]

    You may want to visit a Boat-Upholstery shop for a pro-fix
    Jon "JonB" Brobst ~~~~:<~

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    0BE25EC2-D393-4E7C-A04D-CABFCFE427E2.jpgThank you I didn’t think about that. Heres some pics of the spots.
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