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    PCM swap solves starting problem of my Gen 3 Viper

    Since more then 1 year my Gen 3 Viper has progressive starting problems when hot.
    When cold the car would only start with the headlights on. When hot it did not start anymore.

    My electrician in town spent a lot of time on the Viper to find the cause.
    At last we did an oven- & fridge test on the original PCM.

    When using a hot PCM the car did not start.When using a cold PCM the car started directly.
    Through the help of Steve Indy ( thanks Steve ! ) I came in contact with Dale Matthews of Prefix in Michigan.

    Prefix sended a plug & play Gen 3 PCM with P/N 05029700AE to my address near Amsterdam.
    Yesterday I received the parcel and fitted the new PCM in my Viper.

    The starting problem has been solved and I am a lucky man.

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    Thanks for sharing your fix !
    Steve , Dale and Prefix are a big asset to the Viper community .
    White Mamba ,

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    That's great news, tallbloke...enjoy your Viper !!
    I don't send or receive "PM's" since I prefer DIRECT communication.



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