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    bought my dream a 2000 rt 10

    I posted a few days ago for some advice on a 'cheap' 2000 rt/10 - it was cheap cause it is a rebuilt and definately needs TLC - but I got her for 22k US with only 70k kms (that is about 44k miles), which includes the hardtop, softtop, 2 sets of brand new tires (4k$ with receipts), a new clutch (with receipts), and a rear spoiler (the mopar style which is 1k$ not inlcuding paint and installation).

    Anyways, I just bought it tonight and drive it 2 hours home. The power is incredible and overall engine and drivetrain were 100%. Though after the 2 hours drive I did hear a slight tick in the idle, though engine temp was perfect and power was perfect - is this common or should I be concerned about the tick. Note that I did open the hood and everything looked and smelled fine, so no sign of a head gasket leak or antifreeze smell.

    My biggest concern with the drive was it has a major sway after 80mph. It is most noticed when gearing down, or especially when in a right bend of the highway doing 80+ mph. In those bends it feels like the front suspension is soft and swaying just a little left to right - enough that if you are not on your game you will loose control. Though the odd thing is the steering is very tight - even at 100+ mph the wheel is very responsive and tight and the suspenion feels tight and right. It really only does this sway thing when letting off the trottle and again especially in a right turn (a left turn doesn't seem to sway as much). I know I too my chances with a rebuilt, and I am prepared to fix things as I enjoy it too. What should I look for? Can I add some type of sway bar or cross member to join the frames? I ask cause I also have a 90 vette convertible, where GM installed a cross member as a factory item on the convertibles - this was so effective to prevent sway that the coupe owners started to add them too (they didn't come factory) cause the coupe owners complained to major vibration after 80 mph without this add-on.

    Other things this needs:
    - the seal around the rear window needs replacing
    - the center console has a tear at the passenger side rear end where the screw attached the console
    - the driver door panel has 2 screw holes which need to be patched (some previous owner actually drilled 2 holes to better attach the panel - dumb fuck)
    - minor road rash on the lips of each of the wheels - I can fix this myself
    - the ashtray has a crack in one corner - needs to be replaced
    - the a/c needs the belt connected (came with the belt but not installed - hoping the compressor is fine and just the belt was the issue)
    - the hood does not stay open - when the hood is fully lifted it wants to fall if you let it go - not sure if the main spring is the issue or?
    - the body has various hairline cracks throughout (some ranging from an inch or less with other 8+ inches) - you would not see them from 5 feet away but get closer and you would - there are various cracks in the hood, and one on one of the rear quarters, and one on the roof pillar. Any advice as whether hairline cracks are typical, or is this a affect of the rebuilt being it was salvaged in its first year and repaired 1 year later (so the rebuilt is almost 20 years old)
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    If you're happy the journey is just beginning!

    I'd get it up on a lift and have everything checked out. Loose steering would scare me.

    Keep us posted. Drive safe.
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    Could be a number of things causing the sway feeling. Steering, suspension components, etc.
    Could also be something as simple as a very bad alignment. I once had an alignment done that was so far off it made the car feel like it was dipping and diving.
    Scary as hell. Went back to a shop I trust and had it redone correctly. Drove like a brand new car after that.
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    Congratulations. A fantastic car for sure. Hope your have great experiences.

    1) there is only one belt(serpentine). Maybe you need a recharge. If you need a recharge you may need other parts.

    2) hood-the springs may be the culprits. I remember reading many threads where owners wanted to clean up the engine bay and cleaned out the stuff in the springs. If the stuff is removed the hood won’t stay up. I’ve, also, read the springs get weak after enough openings. My ‘98 stays up very well, wind being the exception. Gotta keep mindful of wind.
    If I show it and there a possibility of winds, almost always here, I use my “prop-rod”. I cut a 1 1/4” wooden dowel rod, angle cut at both ends. Painted black. I’ve, also, seen guys use a broom handle, etc.

    Got any pics?

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    Pics are in my original post. It is the link on the bottom

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    Dan, it this Viper was wrecked enough 20 years ago to be declared salvage then the most likely there was frame damage. Typically folks would pull the frame to correct vs. buying a new frame section

    Have a competitive shop look your frame over

    Hard to know without seeing your Viper but those panel and hood cracks could be a function of a hard off road event. Years a go I saw a Viper go off road in the desert and bounce around. That caused cracks in every panel although in pictures from 20’ you didn’t see them

    Good luck! Mike
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    Concerning the suspension and the sway... as I said in the other thread, I'd bet on almost all of the rubber bushings and components needing to be replaced. It should then be properly aligned (which it probably needs now, but there's no sense in doing it now and then replacing those components).
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