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    Just put the hardtop on my RT10 for first time I LOVE IT

    So I only bought my 2000 RT10 steel grey about 3 weeks ago - came with the hardtop, softtop and tonneau cover. Haven't used any of them yet being I love convertibles. Though planning to take the Viper to the office next week, so thought I'd play with the hardtop so I put it on yesterday. I LOVE IT. Almost looks better with it on vs off.

    What are your opinions (first pic without hardtop on, second pic with)? Now I want to play with the softop and tonneau cover - maybe those will be my new favourites?


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    Lol. Glad to see you are so excited.

    Honestly…the car looks great any way ya do it. It’s gorgeous! It’s a Viper!

    Keep on havin fun

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    Had one with my 2001. Commonly known as a toupee. Great for the track and winter use. BUT a roadster looks best as a roadster.
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    I love it with the top off, but I gotta say ... i'm a fan of having the hard top on as well. I thinks it looks bad ass.
    Now the soft top is a whole other story. (not a fan of mine)
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    Does look good with the top on, have you driven it with it on? Is it noisy?

    Not sure I like the rear spoiler though, but hey if you do that's cool, I've not seen one like that before - or certainly not mounted that far forward

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonicbloo View Post
    Does look good with the top on, have you driven it with it on? Is it noisy?

    Not sure I like the rear spoiler though, but hey if you do that's cool, I've not seen one like that before - or certainly not mounted that far forward
    Yes, just did about 200km today with the roof on - definately know what you mean about noise - but then again I can't help revving this to 4k rpm before shifting Plus having my tunes on cranked hides the noise (but yes - had a buddy in it today and we almost had to scream at each other to have a conversation - this may be a bonus feature if I have my wife in the passenger seat!!!

    As for the spoiler, it grew on me. I really like it now - in person it looks bad ass and as it belongs. Yes it is more frontward that I would have expected (or seen in others), but again in person looks like it belongs. The trunk is already heavy to lift with the spoiler frontward - can't imagine how much heavier it would be if the spoiler was more back

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    I think the spoiler is mounted way forward compared to any spoiler on any other RT10 I’ve seen so far. Rick it the way you want it, but I’d have it further back.

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    I think the roadster looks best topless (hm, how come??) Plus, I get kind of claustrophobia with a top on...

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    I think the RT/10 looks best with the top on, unlike the Shelby Cobra that looks best with the top off. I leave the top on year round, but then I've had too much sun over the years anyway and it's best for me to stay covered. As for noise, I'm assuming you mean squeaking and creaking as the top rubs. Check the rubber gasket under the top. If worn, and I'm sure it is, that could be the problem.
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    To me it’s basically 3 completely different cars/looks - Hardtop, softtop, topless. I prefer topless/roadster as it was designed

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    The "toupee" look IS the soft top. You won't like it and it's not worth all the trouble. I've only seen one on a Viper and it looked like a bad hair-piece. Only for dire emergencies, assuming you have it in the trunk. Mine stays in the closet and keeps the water out just fine. A blue tarp in the trunk is a better solution and won't take up room. Obviously, you'll be waiting for the rain to pass. Smarter not to get caught in a down-pour.

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    That thing in the middle of your rear deck lid... Now all you need is a front splitter in the middle of your hood. You know, because aero parts randomly stuck in the middle of body panels is so badass
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    He just wanted that Saab aero look

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    I think it's emulating the Ford RS look. Go big or go home.


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