Nice to see a Gen 1 on the cover of the magazine as I can remember decades back when they would not admit a Viper as a Classic Car and when they initially did it was as pricey as any Insurance. Things do change and they will even insure racing vehicles now, so there is a new spirit and progressive ( not to be confused with that Insurance company, ha) attitude. Nice to see so much interest in the Snake and I am pretty sure the naysayers who often said the Viper would not be worth anymore once production stopped are more than happy to admit they were wrong with the prices our V10 beast is bringing. Bring a Trailer for a Viper means bring a bucket of money too, ha. Just enjoyed seeing the Viper on the magazine and it comes to those who have Hagerty Insurance on a vehicle ( mine is on my race car ).

Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone and sorry to have missed folks at the Viper Days Reunion, my schedule did not allow me to attend and that even sounds funny to me , since I am retired, ha. Heard my old Boss, Robert Woodhouse, came with a Viper Godzilla beast that was like a vacuum cleaner around Road America , sucking through the corners with more power than a Dyson picking up a bowling ball.

Hope that becomes a regular event , maybe at different tracks , as I know many would like to experience the fun if they could not make it this Summer.