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    Garage Renovation Ideas

    Hey All,

    I have been in my current home for about six months now. It is the first place I have bought and I have been slowly getting things the way I want them. One thing I haven't messed with a ton is the garage. I really want to do a cool color scheme, epoxy the floor, and get some cool wall décor. I am working on getting all 50 states plates, and I have some stuff on the walls already. I really like displaying window stickers from current and past cars but I would like some other stuff on the walls as well.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do to make it look cool? It is heated and I do spend a decent amount of time out there.

    Please excuse the messy workbench and broken 911!

    Garage 1.jpg
    Garage 2.jpg
    Garage 3.jpg
    Garage 4.jpg
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    You have a small garage, consequently your epoxy job on the floor can be done without too much cost. The Rustoleum products with metal tints look good. Paint the walls something other than white. Get a good bike rack. The fridge is going to be difficult.

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    Did the Rustoleum floor ... came out really nice. Got the larger package ... only used one half of it ... 21X21 ...

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    Start with a good ceiling lighting system and electrical outlets all over the place before you play with paint and flooring
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    Nice looking RT you got there
    ...and nothing wrong with a messy work-bench.

    I went with a the ever classic Viper signs and banners.
    Regarding floor coatings, I'd recommend going with a poly-urea coating. It's almost bulletproof.
    Epoxy just doesn't seem to last with heated tires, jacks/tools, fluid spills, salt, etc.
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