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    Silver 2016 ACR on Bring A Trailer

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    Nice looking car. Lots of vinyl to peel off although surprisingly, to my eyes, it does not look terrible. I think the design flows well off the side vent shape, and its certainly in keeping with the colors of the car. If the buyer intends to use this as a track-only car, then I say keep the vinyl on.

    Anyway, what's the pricing going to end up at?

    It's a '16, which we've seen is a non-issue. It has 8k miles, which is a little higher than average for an ACR-E. It is a BDEC car. Not a special or limited color combo, but a good one nonetheless. Condition looks good. I say $215k.

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    So since the buyer will be the first owner does that mean it comes with the full new car warranty?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PkB2014 View Post
    So since the buyer will be the first owner does that mean it comes with the full new car warranty?
    Interesting question especially in light of the "duplicate certificate of origin". I hope the buyer checks with Stellantis 1st if it is important to them. If it was never titled the car is considered new regardless of mileage.
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    New to the DMV and new to the Manufacture are not the same

    This Viper probably has a warranty in service data when FCA started using it as a company car

    Easy to find out, just put the vin in any Stellantis dealers system
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    Hmmm. Very low VIN - 0008. MSO is dated 6/10/15. First sent to CA as a manufacturer's car, and 6000 miles before Apr '16. Then possessed by a Southern CA dealer until being sold at auction. Makes you wonder if it was the Nov 2015 PCOTY car.

    ACR at PCOTY.jpg

    Photo from Motor Trend
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