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    is rock guard factory on the back side of the lip of the lower wheel wells

    I have another thread going on the hack job the PO did using rock guard on the front lower fascia spoiler. I'm working now to remove it and get it sprayed back to the factory body color. Though will cleaning off all sorts of overspray I noticed rock guard also on the back side of both the front and back wheel wells. See pics below. Is this factory? It would make sense cause the wheels could spit rocks backwards and cause chips there, but based on the lines to me it does not look factory.

    What was factory - the same body color or some type of protection. If if does have protection, can someone please send some pics. Again based on the hack job the PO did with the front fascia I just don't trust seeing any rock gaurd anywhere else.




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    Not production.

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    Did the previous owner live in a gravel pit? Or just have shares in a rock guard product. I don’t think there was protection like that anywhere on a Viper from new.
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    Probably had a gravel driveway. It's a common enough driveway material in posh neighborhoods.
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    Funny cause the PO was a redneck and totally neglected the car. That is why i was able to get it for a steal. And yes his garage access was via a gravel alley way. Shit the town he lived in was probably population of 500 max and only had the main street paved. Anyways i am working to remove this gravel guard. Using flitz polish is working but takes a ton of elbow (finger) grease. Guess my wife will be missing out for the next while

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    The factory used thick clear plastic on the front of the sills and some other areas.
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    Front side of side-sill should be factory, rear side not. At least, that's what I believe....

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    now I'm really confused - can someone please take some closeups of both the front and rear wheelwells, each on both infront of the wheel and behind the wheel - specifically on the lower sections. That is where mine had the rock guard, and based on pics I see on google the best I can see is that is supposed to be color matched but based on these replies it does sound like some of these have a clear wrap type material?




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