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    are rear coupe bumpers rare still available need opinions on furniture idea

    Bought my 2000 RT/10 a few months ago now, and loving it. Although I always loved the original look (RT/10) I do love all the Viper generations.

    Since buying my Viper I have been looking out for spare parts knowing that many parts are very rare and hard to get. Today I found (and bought) a rear bumper for the gen4 coupe (this is the bumper that has the tail light pieces attached, unlike the convertible). I picked it up for $150CDN. I got it cheap cause although it is complete it has a 3" crack in one corner, and then a few scuff marks here and there. I am not a body man but have tinkered wit FG and fillers in the past, and bought it to fix, paint to my Viper's color (steel grey) and hang on the wall in my mancave. The issue is that the bottom 'wings' in the bumper stick out quite far and thus it will not hang straight and will stick out of the wall more than I want. I am considering cutting off the wings. But now I am wondering if that would be a bad idea, if these bumpers are rare and valuable. If I keep it together I might consider selling in the future and it would then be worth much more as a complete unit, versus if I cut it then it would never be usable again on any car so its value would only be as a decoration on the wall permanently.

    So what are your thoughts? Are these quite common and easy to get and cheap, or are they already rare and expensive? Should I cut it and make it a permanent decoration, or keep it whole and work around the wings to still hang it but have it stick out more?

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    Definitely worth more than $150CDN even in it's current condition.

    I'd take it to a good body shop, have it fixed correctly for $400-500, then sell it for $1,000+.

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    This^^^. These are rare nowadays. I did the same a couple years ago, bought a cracked Gen4 rear bumper with intentions of repairing, just in case I need it. Last time I saw them on ebay they were $600-1500 USD. I don't see many body parts anymore.
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