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    Nurburgring at 5:19

    Just insane to watch!!!

    I believe he hits 228 MPH at one point. Averaged ... AVERAGED 145 MPH!

    Timing begins at 2:55 minutes.

    (Apologies if it's a repost, but I could view this a dozen times even if it's exhausting just to watch)
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    Yeah that is sick.

    1144hp, 1872lbs, AWD

    That thing is a monster. Congrats to the driver, I would absolutely sh!t my pants driving that at the Ring

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    That's insane !
    Thanks for sharing .
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    I seem to recall Audi doing a similar thing with their R18 when they were retiring from WEC racing. Take all the FIA restrictors / limitations off and run the car at its fullest possible send.

    The 919 EVO also broke Lewis Hamilton's F1 lap record at Spa by 0.78 sec; which was then beat by Vettel (iirc) the very next year.

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    This is crazy!
    And at the same time this sound is so pleasing to the ears

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    wow great video !!!
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    Insane! From what I heard, Timo had to go through extensive testing for reaction time, eye sight, etc. besides all the other physical conditioning as the strains on just being able to process what's happening was something that had not been done before.

    Tom was right, Porsche, there is no substitute :-)



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