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    Gen 6 Viper by CarmStyleDesign

    2001 RT10 Deep Sapphire Blue

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    Not bad, not bad..

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    High Flow Cats | Gen 5 Intake Man. | UDP | HPT | 3.55s | MCS | DSS Axles | Nth Moto Clutch | 11.027 @ 130.06 (Vid), 1.78 60' (+1,622 ft DA, w/ 3.55s & Hoosier Drag Radials)

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    Nope. Looks like a Japanese interpretation of the Gen 5.

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    Wheels and red tin foil finish gotta go! Then it may show better.
    They’re coming to get you Barbara.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViperSRT View Post
    Nope. Looks like a Japanese interpretation of the Gen 5.
    Yes pretty much.

    I would rather see a Gen 6 with design inspiration from the Gen3/4 ... and convertible ;-)

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    ... also PLEASE

    3,200lbs carbon/aluminum
    N/A V10 7-8.0 liters 700hp+ @ 7,000rpm
    RWD obviously
    Manual transmission (at least as an option)

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    I’m with those guys. Kinda looks Japanese G5

    Forget about V10 and manual.

    Wanna get ahead of the game?!


    Eng: Full electric
    Trans: 8 or 10 speed paddles (option: full auto mode)
    Nav-trol W/ many V10 or V8 ICE exhaust notes. Driver can choose what sound you want that day.

    Body Design: work from natural evolution perspective ***

    Badges: slanted***

    Colors: red chrome, blue chrome, black chrome, (some may not like these colors, but it could be the future ) It’s different!

    *** these would help hold the connection to past generations.

    Mass electric cars are inevitable.

    If they started now, it would take what? … 3…4…5 years to delivery? Well into electric vehicle time territory. You know there are cars on design tables now that we won’t see until then. Obviously, they can use a platform from then. Gotta look to the future not the past for design. And ICE is definitely NOT forward thinking. Hotrodders will forever be around. Corporate would do well to supply cars for them. John DeLorean recognized that market.

    The more electric vehicles are mentioned, via all types of media, the more the public will accept and demand it. Might as well start now for then.

    Edit: Or call it the Electric ViPER and have a
    line dance named after it. LOL.
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    Looks like a modded Gen V. Not a Gen 6- I dont think the Gen 6 will be a Front engine rear drive car honestly but....I'd drive the shit out of it...
    2013 Viper GTS Blue (no stripes!) with Sepia interior- only 4 made! WannaGOfast 1/2 MILE BEST OF 157.89 mph @ 600WHP
    2005 SRT10 Ram- lowered, T56 conversion, B&B longtubes, many other upgrades (my daily)
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    I like it!
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