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    Quote Originally Posted by usmcfieldmp View Post
    "Use these adapters, along with a magnetic Digital Angle Gauge, while performing alignment procedures on the 2013 SRT Viper (ZD)."
    If anyone has a used set for sale let me know , I'll buy them !
    Thanks !
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    I read the service manual, but it goes into connecting drbIII to it and lowering and raising car to read the dynamic caster. Hoping a quick explanation what exactly one should do with that adapter and what reading to look for. Or are you still following the fsm with lifting car off suspension and taking measurements.

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    These set rear Caster; you can read the FSM for instructions. In a nut shell these hook to the ball joint and spindle with the hooks and mate to the machined surface of the spindle. from there you set the mag inclinometer on the pad and use that to get the correct setting by adjusting the rear lower control arm camber bolts. Gen V recommended setting is .7; but best to look at service manual for your year.

    Setting the dynamic toe, which moves the suspension through the compression and rebound range (+2", zero, and -2") , involves plotting on the graph and making sure the plotted arc is within the range and is similar to the ideal arc referenced.My understanding is this shouldn't be touched and is set from the factory - unless the car has been in an accident of some type or someone has accidentally adjusted the inboard toe camber bolts (frame side) which they shouldn't.... but sometimes happens.. This procedure is an iterative process that folks seemed to keep close to the chest.. after having to have it done a handful of times I was eventually forced to learn it myself chasing down another problem.. The Gen V service manual has the procedure and I image all the gen's are pretty similar.. some say there are quicker ways but I finally like the results we've gotten and the snake is slithering smoothly again.

    random thought - Maybe a nice club perk would be if they got a set to loan out (with deposit of course) to members in need that could mail them back when done. I've found most of the local dealers don't have the tools and the ones that do don't always know they have them, or how to use them, or maybe want to use them... it takes a special tech who has the OCD for for the job - including patience and experience. I've been fortunate to have some wonderful alignment help lately!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SRT_BluByU View Post
    incorrect.. they are tool steel. I own a set. You are probably thinking of the spindles on the car which are aluminum. In my opinion every Viper owner should own a set of these.. I wont let anyone attempt an alignment without them having these and understanding how to use them AND dynamic toe (what to do and what not to do). This was an expensive lesson for me.. Now finally sorted.

    These are for the Gen V.. but ive been told they are the same back to Gen III
    I stand corrected. Mopar labeled are steel. My Millers are aluminum.
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    A small strip of steel gauge metal glued or screwed to the aluminum bracket will allow the use of a magnetic inclinometer.
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