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    Am I Crazy Or Just Ignorant

    First of all, I'm new... great board you have here.

    Always wanted a Viper but never had the opportunity to even consider one. However, the recent shortage and subsequent insane used car prices AND my need to buy a car by the end of December, has created quite the golden opportunity.

    You see, I could buy a nice car like a 2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label, or a 2017 Lexus LS 460L for WAY WAY too much at current gouge pricing... only to be furious in 18 months when (especially the Lincoln) the chip shortage eases/ends and the used car bubble pops, OR I could pay what seems like reasonable money (I'm seeing prices around 44K here in South Florida) for something that won't depreciate THAT much and have a blast driving a cool Viper around until "real" used car prices go down and I can get a sedan without feeling like someone is inserting a catheter into my urethra.

    Here's the Crazy/Ignorant part:

    I have never set foot in a Viper of any year. I'm 6'2'' about 260 (down from 280 and going down every week) and I don't even know if I fit. Plus it would be my daily driver for around 18 to 24 months. Then I would either sell it on or keep it and buy a big, comfortable sedan like the Lincoln or Lexus. I don't really commute every day, but I have to go to video shoots in the South Florida area two or three times a week. I drive about 8000 miles a year.

    What do you guys think? Also, is there a local member in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area I can meet up with? There is a 2004 for sale right now that I'm itching to pull the trigger on.

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    are you on FB? post on the Viper Owners Group page.
    Plenty of owners in that area..

    s c r a t c h that itch!
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    Your age is an issue, getting in and out of the viper is a task. I am 60 and can still do it but many of my friends (same age group) can not. Find a car and try it.

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    Old guy that should not be in the pic is me!
    People ask "is this your viper", and are surprised to hear yes.
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    Haha, he is 6'2" by length. Not age (I think...)
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    Crazy? Yes. Ignorant? Yes. But that's not a bad thing.

    No sane person owns a Viper. They literally make no sense. They aren't comfortable, practical, or anything even remotely close to a good choice.

    But that's why we own them.

    I do recommend trying before buying...just go sit in one and make sure it is a good fit. At my heaviest, I was about 250 lbs (I'm 6'4"). I wouldn't call it tight, but it was pretty snug. Still is even with 35 lbs. gone since then.

    You don't really sit in a Viper, you install yourself. Just make sure you can put up with that aspect of it, and the rest should be fine.

    If you have any desire, now's the time. They won't make anything like it ever again.
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    Don't expect the used car "bubble" to pop. Double-digit real inflation is here to stay and the new cars that are not being produced today will keep used cars scarce for at least a decade.

    That being said, a Viper is about the least practical daily-driver imaginable, especially if you're big and tall. Buy one for a toy but not for transportation.

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    I've had 3 , LS460L, best sedan for the buck by far, still have my 08.

    The viper makes sense from a depreciation stand point as well as the fun factor

    In terms of a daily driver the viper is not as bad as u might think, getting in an out will become a minor annoyance as will the gas , other then that I find my Gen 3 quite comfortable, the seats are great ( better then my 460 and 6th gen corvette grand sport ) and its just a pleasure to drive.

    To me the smart move wpuod be to buy a gen 3 viper and a 07-09 LS460, best of both worlds and the 460 won't depreciate much as its already bottomed out

    Forget the 2017 460 , if that style is what u want just go with a 2013 , literally no difference

    EDIT: I drove my viper nearly 3000 kms home after flying out to buy it , was not a problem at all
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    Thanks for the opinions guys!

    My age is thankfully not an issue. I work out regularly and have no problem getting in and out of most things including trouble.

    I will spend some time trying out the car. One of the only things that keeps me from getting "cars with character" is that they need to be reliable. From what I've been able to see, the Viper isn't some fickle exotic but rather a readily fixable and maintainable vehicle that I can count on to start without having a truck full of techs following me around.

    I guess now I just have to get in one or two and see how it feels.

    Also, I may have been off on the pricing. Seems the one I saw for 44K has an accident history... so that's out. It seems to be more like $50K average for a clean one. Which I'm OK with assuming I don't have exotic car repair prices when shit goes wrong. Aside from tires, of course.

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    I adily drive my viper and dont regret one second of it…. Does it make any sense.. none - except mental health.

    Buy and enjoy… thre is nothing quite like a Viper by any measure.

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    Stop and go traffic is about the only thing irritating...having to "pedal" the car in those situations gets old...but once clear of traffic, it makes it all worthwhile. My Viper was a lot more comfortable and drivable that my co=workers Cobra Mustang. What a rattle-can.

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    Dont Do It..... public parking nightmare
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    No way I'd daily my ACR for all the reasons stated above and maybe 5-6 more, lol. None of which have to do with the car's value. It's just a pain in the ass to use the car for any purpose except one...hooning around town for the sheer joy of it.
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    Might as well throw in my two cents here. I am 6'2" 230 and it is snug but very comfortable once in. I say once in because the "install" comment above is accurate. This is a process:

    First pray the car is parked somewhere where you can open the door completely otherwise I hope you have a convertible
    Rear end first gracefully enter the drivers seat while your legs remain outside
    Swing legs up and over the door sill without touching as there is a penalty of pain and flesh if you have already been driving the car and the side pipes have heated the sill
    insert legs in the foot well and hope you don't have big feet or at least wide ones as the pedals are approx 2.5" wide and 1.5" apart. This makes for awesome heel toe or instep outstep but for awful traffic driving.

    For the uninstall you'll figure it out after forgetting and burning your legs on the door sill.

    All this said, you couldn't pay me to commute in my viper.... and you couldn't pay me to not drive it every weekend
    These cars are an experience like nothing else and I can't recommend them enough



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