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    Any Gen I Dyno tuners in New Jersey ?

    Looking for tuning advice:

    Back in 1999 was the last time I had my 93 on a dyno. It put out 404 hp and 471 lbft of torque with SVS headers and Borla XR1 mufflers on a chassis dyno. The prior exhaust was the two-piece stock manifolds and cats with 3" Borla XR1 mufflers. While the overall power output numbers were similar, there were improvements in the lower range. Compare the red line (with headers) to the blue line (manifolds and cats).

    I attached the original dyno sheet (ignore the green line and the "new computer" comment: that related to the dyno shop's laptop computer which crashed and altered the existing data files and correction factor)

    Is there anyone in New Jersey that can tune the fuel curve and timing on the Gen I computer (pre OBD)?
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