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    Blower Motor Fan Broken

    Hey everyone,

    As my second Wisconsin winter comes along in my Viper ownership, I am working on the next list of things I want to sort out.

    First item on the agenda is fixing the blower motor as it is very noisy. Upon pulling off the blower motor housing, I can see that there is a fan blade broken off. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find this part available anywhere and it seems to be discontinued.

    Does anyone have any information on where I can find a replacement?

    Thanks for any help & input!

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    Have you tried any of the Viper bone yards?
    Don Scharf
    JonB might be able to help.

    Others may chime in

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    You will likely have to buy the entire fan. Impellers for car a.c. blowers are typically not a replacement item. See links above.
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