IN/KY VOA...Meeting at Noon EST Sat. Jan 8, 2022 Dawson's on Main, Speedway, IN

Dawson’s is a family friendly restaurant located on the north end of Main Street in Speedway. Try out their website for a preview of their menu and to see their location on the map.

Dawson’s on Main

1464 Main Street

Speedway, IN 46224

Tel: (317) 247-7000


With this being our first meeting of the year, I would like to use this time to receive input from members and build our schedule for 2022, so please come with suggestions of activities to add to our schedule… I have already received a couple good suggestions. If you are unable to attend this meeting, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call with your ideas. After all, this is YOUR Club.

Note: Lunch will be paid for by The Club. All alcoholic beverages (if applicable) will be the responsibility of the member.

AS ALWAYS, ALL Viper owners are invited to attend. Questions??...Call ME !!


James Jackson, President, VOA IN/KY Region, Inc.
(317) 601-9759