The date is Saturday April 30th and the group plans to arrive around 11:30 or so in Victoria. Please email and let Laura Robinson know you're coming because she needs to provide a headcount to Ben because he is providing lunch! Laura will be sending out more detailed information about where to meet up etc. to those who have rsvp'd for the event.

Richard and I highly recommend making this event if at all possible because Ben is one of the finest people you will ever meet and is thrilled to talk to you about anything! Who knows, you might get a chance at testing his racing simulator! Hint: it's hidden away behind a moving bookshelf!

We are unable to make it this year because Richard goes into the hospital on 4/27 to begin what we hope to be the last treatment to completely kill off the lymphoma which has recurred 3 times in 3 years. He'll be there for at least 3 weeks as they blast his immune system and residual cancer cells then transplant his stem cells to rebuild his immune system to the point he can go home.