It is with sadness to announce the passing of Robert "Bob" Hubbach, Viper GTS Designer, on May 12, 2022. Below is a statement from his daughter Sarah.

"I would like to thank all of you who reached out with well wishes, stories, and memories for our dad. I read each and every message to him. He was truly touched. This past week has been tough, but also filled with love, memories, laugher, music -really the best sendoff anyone could ask for.

I don’t know if the Viper community was aware that my dad was also musically talented. Most notably for playing his hammered dulcimer (self-taught and completely by ear may I add) but he also dabbled with a few other instruments. Many of his music friends have faithfully brought their instruments every day to the hospital to play for him. We had the most packed room in the hospital with live music! At one point we had 5 musicians in the room at once. The nursing staff were so good to turn a blind eye to amount of people in his room. (Only my dad could pull that off. I know he became a favorite of many of the nurses and assistants. lol) Many asked if they could crack the door so they could listen too.

Yesterday I sensed things were different from the moment I woke up (I had been staying there with him since he got his diagnosis). We had a peaceful day with family and just a couple friends who had been coming the whole time. A little bit of music was played. Later, not long after the day was over and everyone else had left for the day, my father passed very peacefully with me by his side. We’ve always been very close.

My sister, Erica, and I are truly heartbroken, but happy that he is at peace and any suffering he had, although brief, is over. Please know he stayed sharp and retained his humor until the end and remembered everyone who wrote.

Again, we extend my sincerest thank you to you all. Your words and messages have been heartwarming, comforting and enlightening as you all knew him as a friend and colleague and we only knew him as Dad. ❤️

Sarah Hubbach"

bob and dulcimer.jpg