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    Longtime owner but newly registered to the Forum

    Hey all,

    I could’ve sworn I registered to this forum years ago!

    I’m in East Texas and have been a member of the North Texas region for a while now. I currently have a ‘92 #035 and a ‘96 GTS. I have previously owned a 2000 RT/10, a 2003 and a different ‘96 GTS.

    I have been maintaining a registry of all ‘92 Vipers for a few years now and I update it as I gain née info on a new chassis I find or get updated on existing chassis I have data on. I currently have info on about half of all 285 cars and I am planning on uploading my registry in the Gen 1 section within the coming weeks. If anyone happens to own a ‘92, I would love to gather some info on each car.


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    I would contact the Region or the Webmaster if you are a paid member, as occasionally things are not updated even if you tried to register. Congrats on having #35 , that is really cool and I believe the 92s will be finally growing in value like the 53/54 Corvettes did many years back --- after a long period of lackluster sales growth.
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