Update to the planned track day. We weren’t able to secure a dragstrip for the event so instead of racing in a straight line we will racing around a speedway…….In other peoples cars!!! On Sunday October 2nd, we will be going as a group to Buck Baker Seat Time Racing School nascar driving experience at Rockingham speedway. We will be driving the cars upwards of 160 MPH. It will cost each person $199 for the solo 8-12 laps package. You have the option to do more laps when you register on their website for additional cost. If you or your guest doesn't want to drive, they can also do a 5-lap top speed (over 160mph) ride along for $99. The event begins early so get breakfast on the way. We will get lunch/dinner locally afterwards. Please register directly with Buck Baker Racing School at the link below first. In the referral box put "Carolinas viper club". Please send an email to us letting us know you are attending so we can plan drive/group times, lunch and photo ops with the vipers at the track. Admin@carolinasvipercliub.org any questions reach out to Matt text/call 910-337-4992.


Matt, Dan, Brian & Audwin