Having just replaced the plastic bezel that surrounds the shifter, I thought I would post for those who might need this information.
Tools needed include allen wrench, torx wrench, 1/2 socket wrench, and 3/4 inch open-end wrenches.
Remove control knobs for the 3 climate controls from the center console to give a bit more room for removing bezel.
Using allen wrench, remove screws holding chrome shifter surround. Lift up leather boot around shifter knob revealing 3/4 inch lock nut. Loosen the nut a couple of turns using one wrench to hold the shifter knob and one to loosen the lock nut. This will enable one to unscrew shifter from the transmission along with the leather boot. The bezel has 4 attachment points, one on each corner. Carefully lift up the bezel. You can lift it a couple of inches and then detach the 2 sockets for the window switches and the one for the cigarette lighter. There are 5 1/2 inch nuts holding the e-brake leather boot to the bezel. These must be removed with socket wrench and the leather boot can be carefully pried free of the bezel. You can now remove the bezel over e-brake handle. Using torx wrench, remove the window switches and the cigarette lighter from the underside of the bezel and install on the new bezel.
Installation is the reverse of the above. Remember to transfer the 6 nut clips from the old bezel to the new inserting over the holes surrounding the shifter knob to allow tightening of the screws holding the leather shifter boot and chrome surround.