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    Thanks to all for a wonderful time. The folks in this club make it the best! Great time and well worth the drive from Houston. Truely a bucket list event!


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    Yep, thanks to all that made it possible, it was a great event.
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    With all in life, there is good and bad.

    The good? A fantastic adventure for all involved. Brilliant in its conception, wonderful and warm in its execution, spectacular in its climax with the drawing for the car. My hat is off to all those involved. Such obvious hard work and attention to detail. It was an exceptional event that will be difficult to match much less exceed.

    And therein is the bad. The bar is now set so very very high. Those in charge of the NVE2 event are going to have their work cut out for them!!!

    Is it too soon to make reservations in New Orleans? HAHAHA!!!

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