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    HPR Emich Track Day, Oct. 26th, 2014

    Already signed up, hopefully the weather is good and some more of you can join me!

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    How did the track day go? any pics or vid's?
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    It went fine until the end. Something let loose in the flywheel area, I still haven't had a chance to drop the transmission out of it, but there is a loud squealing noise at all times with the engine running somewhere around that area. It started when I was doing 135 on the back straight and pushed the clutch in to shift and the car died. It restarted, but died again a half mile later and the noise started. Here's a pic and a video:

    It was a blast though up until that point. The car drives great; sharp turn-in, lots of power and tons of grip. Being my first time out there with this car, I didn't push it too hard, and the potential ceiling for it is far higher than I can reach. It didn't try to kill me as many have thought it would, and only had one spin into turn 1 after I missed a downshift and lockup up the brakes. I can't wait to get it back and running and head back out there.
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    Looks like my throwout bearing was the culprit of my problems:



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