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    I had the same problem and built the timer....still working fine years later. I also bought the part from Dan in case I decide to fix it...

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    I have a 95 viper r/t 10 and it has sat up for about 3 years...I am not getting fuel pressure with my fuel pressure gauge and I am wondering if this is the problem? Also is the fuel pump relay in the trunk behind the passenger seat? Can you hear the fuel pump trying to work when you turn the ignition key? I'm asking cause if it only lets it bump for a second you might miss it? Any help or ideas would be much appreciated!

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    Hi Matt,

    I'm glad that that still works, because I was concerned that the timer was only a temp fix, i'm glad it's not. Do you have Dan's contact information, I may want to get the fix myself.

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    Hey Cotton, yes you can hear the fuel pump, even without the primer you can her it behind you for a sec once you turn the key. I'm no expert, but it seems if your not hearing it initially when you turn the key, that there is something else wrong, because the primer only prolongs the time it send fuel.

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    Bumping an old thread...

    I am wondering if I am experiencing this same issue.

    My last two cold starts, I turn the key, it tries, but not start until I tap the gas pedal a few times, then it gets going, I get a little bit of a gas smell when doing so. Battery is new.
    99 RT/10

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    Hey Guys!

    This is an old thread, but I recently purchased a 1996 RT/10 and noticed that it was not starting very well unless keyed on a couple of times. Came across this thread, built the part, set to 8 seconds and viola! It starts every time!!

    Josh, I would try keying on and off about three times and try to start. If that works than yes that is probably the issue.


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    the "check valve" is actually the fuel pressure regulator, like dan said, all of this is a band aid for the real problem, the regulator.. most of the dodge trucks and alike that have a similar FPR only run at 40 - 45 psi, the viper runs 55psi, so they are also not a good option.

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    Reviving this old thread as my gen 1 is experiencing this issue.

    Is anyone selling the whole kit? Would love to have it all from one place instead of finding all the pieces individually (will pay extra of course).

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    Changing spark plugs and wires is about the limit of my ability as an auto mechanic, so I was a little intimidated by the primer timer project. Left with the option of the PT or a $2500 fuel pump replacement for my '98 GTS, I ordered the parts and dove in. I only had on panic moment when I couldn't find the black wire hiding in the bundle, but I got everything connected, and much to my surprise, it worked!

    I'm not sure why, but my only issue was the project box listed in Tom's last post wasn't deep enough to fit the circuit board. I found one that was 1.5 inches deep, and it worked perfectly.

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