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    Quote Originally Posted by Shooter View Post
    I think Bruce H has more laps in a TA then anyone short of SRT. He seems to do pretty good on the stock rubber.
    I think there's a few others that are racking up the laps now as well! I really do like the grip of the Corsas, but I love the tire for all the other aspects it excels at that are just as important. They are extremely consistent throughout their tread life (don't heat cycle out, seem to change in dry grip much as tread depth changes), don't get greasy when pushed to higher temps under aggressive driving, they provide the driver good feedback as you approach the limits, and then break away progressively when you get there (easy to regain control from under or oversteer). They also wear pretty evenly with the TA's factory alignment (-2.5f and -1.5r). And since you never know if your booked track day might be run in the rain, or the track damp from overnight rain, or how cool it might be, it's good to know that this tire is fantastic in the wet and over a broader temperature range than any tire that surpasses it in dry grip. It's a truly streetable R compound that's may be the best choice of any for this kind of a car that combines both street and track duty.
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    The Viper community has previously not liked being compared against the Vette. Even Ralph publicly stated that it made no sense. There may be a few in agreement with me, I love the rivalry that is spawning. Porbably has always been there, but watching the Viper and Vette lately and over the last few years has been awesome. It's pushed them both to well over 600 HP and as well balanced for track duty as ever.

    I agree with ViperJon. SRT should take notice and go add fuel to the fire.

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