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All memberships will include membership badge(s), VOA decal, and free gift of a VOA microfiber polishing cloth (for glasses/phone/tablet). Please fill out the fields below. Charges to your card will be made once you submit your registration.

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If you were referred to the club by a current member, please let us know who it was. For every new member referral, we offer a $25 gift card to the VOA Store to the person who referred you!

Additional Merchandise

VOA Polishing Cloth: +2.00 ea

VOA Neck Lanyard (for name badge/credentials): +3.00 ea

VOA Lapel Pin: +4.00 ea

VOA Mouse Pad: +18.00 ea

VOA Club Pen: +5.00 ea

VOA Viper Keychain: +5.00 ea

VOA Windshield Banner (4.75"x12.75"): +10.00 ea

Extra Membership Car Decal (3.5"x3.5"): +2.00 ea

VOA Club Sticker: +2.00 ea

VOA USB Car Charger: +8.00 ea


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Viper Owners Association
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All memberships run on a calendar year basis. For that reason, your membership will be prorated (quarterly) based on when you join, and it will expire at the end of the calendar year. The quarters are synced with our magazine subscription so you will not miss an issue.
4th Quarter (October to December includes the following year) - $150.00 / $195.00
3rd Quarter (July to September) - $110.00 / $145.00
2nd Quarter (April to June) - $130.00 / $170.00
1st Quarter (January to March) - $150.00 / $195.00


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