National Viper Event 4 - FAQ



Q: Can I attend if I’m not a member of the club?
A: No. This is for 2021 VOA club current members only.

Q: Can I attend only some portions of the event if I’m not registered?
A: No. This is due to the cost burden which is spread over the entire group in attendance, it wouldn’t be fair to them. Even things that you may not think bear a cost, actually have some very significant ones. We can’t offer a la carte selections due to the scale and complexity of the event. Furthermore due to insurance regulations, only registered attendees can be among our group during scheduled activities.

Q: How are participants of the event identified?
A: All participants will have credentials that they must wear at ALL times. These credentials will be assigned by name and will actually also be specific to their assigned schedule. No one will be allowed to enter venues, board busses, park vehicles, or participate in any activities without credentials. Every activity will have an entry point requiring credentials.

Q. Can family and friends attend NVE4?
A: Yes, all family members and those close to you can attend. Everyone in your party must be included when you register for NVE4 (they will be listed as your guests).

Q: May I bring my kids?
A: Yes. Though these gatherings are geared towards adults. Minimum age is 16.

Q: May I bring my guest who requires a wheelchair?
A: Yes, you may. All venues provide wheelchair accessibility or allow for alternative entry.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: For the event itself, changes and refunds can be made up until January 15, 2021. Please note that any cancellations, even those made before January 15, 2021, will incur a 4% per person charge (this is simply a pass through cost due to bank fees we pay for every charge). As for the hotel, it’s subject to their cancellation terms.



Q: Why is the event in late April/early May?
A: We chose this time because it’s absolutely the best month in Miami, temps are in the mid/upper 80’s and it almost hardly ever rains that month. Any earlier, and it’s tough for the northern states to drive down due to snow. Any later, and the weather gets hot and the rain could significantly impact the experience.

Q: What if it rains?
A: The event goes on, rain or shine. No refunds. Backup plans are in place and we’ll manage the best we can.

Q: I have some food sensitivities. Will there be a selection of different foods available, and will there be special meals available for specific allergies?
A: We have planned our meals extensively. We will have a very good (and large) variety of foods, even during lunches. The same holds true for dinners. We do also collect information on food allergies to help accommodate meal needs where we can.

Q: What is the attire for the event?
A: For all of the daytime activities we recommend activewear or very light clothes – temps should be in the mid/upper 80’s. For the track bring your helmet and you’ll need closed toed shoes of course. For the first night’s party, we’re outside on the water, so come casual or chic! You can wear jeans, shorts, a Viper t-shirt, whatever! You also might want to bring a light wrap. Wear shoes that are boat friendly to walk in (boat shoes, sneakers, flip flops are all fine). For the final night’s Grand Finale Banquet, the theme is Miami Vice and although we try not to get too formal think about your attire in that context!We suggest dressing smart/business casual, typically slacks and a shirt for men and dresses for the ladies. We want folks to be comfortable and not make it stuffy, so no need to get too fancy – unless you choose to!

Q: Do I need to bring my Viper?
A: It’s not mandatory, but highly recommended. The experience is not only better in a Viper, but provides once-in-a-lifetime pictures and experiences. With that said, you are still free to bring (or in most cases rent) a vehicle to use in its place. A vehicle is required as no bussing will be provided for driving activities. We please ask non-Vipers to provide priority to the Vipers (and stay near the back of the pack) so pictures, videos, and experiences are optimal. Special parking will still be provided for non-Vipers right next to our Viper parking area. The only real impact is on the track day. Non-Vipers will actually be allowed to enter and we are hoping to allow for some safe driving experiences that may include the non-Viper. We also hope to provide some drive along experiences with volunteers. However, we do allow passengers in the cars, and you’re among friends – you’ll certainly find folks you can hop in a car with (we can also pair you up with someone).

Q: Are there special shipping rates to ship my Viper to NVE4?
A: Yes, we will arrange special rates with Passport Transport. We’ve used them before, they are a club sponsor, and they are skilled with handling Vipers (and use good equipment). Many people ship cars, in fact approximately half of all participants bringing Vipers will ship their cars to the event. You’ll get the best rate if you fill a truck from your area. It’s best to work with your region president to get a group together, as many people from your region will be doing the same. The more you get on the same truck, the more affordable it gets. Typical pricing can be roundtrips of less than a thousand dollars for nearby states and more than double that if you’re far away.

Q: My region wants to sit together. Is there reserved seating for meals?
A: No. We’ve planned most meals so they occur casually, and people often come in waves. People can choose where to sit at the time of the event. We don’t want to force people/regions to sit together, nor is that logistic easy to accomplish or enforce. However, to avoid a “rush” to the tables at our Grand Finale banquet, and to allow people to try to sit with those they want, we have instituted a plan that seems to work well. We will allow access to the Grand Finale banquet room at a specific time beforehand to allow a representative of your group or your region, to place the cards at the tables to reserve your spot. You will receive these place-cards in the packets we provide. We will say that there aren’t many bad seats in the house! Let’s work together to accommodate large groups to sit together if possible, and then fill in remaining seats if you don’t have a preference. There will be NO propping up chairs to reserve seating. You can only reserve a seat with the place-cards (as often people prop too many chairs and people don’t have places to sit). Propping chairs is also a trip hazard and we’d hate to see someone get hurt.

Q: Are we doing a group photo?
A: Of course we are – actually more than one! We are planning a group photo at the opening night’s reception. We also plan to take another group photo at the “Texas Evening Business Meeting”. We’ll make one or both available for order in the VOA store at the event. We’re not doing a massive car photo because we can’t fit hundreds of Vipers in a picture, we’d need to break it up, it would take hours and be inconvenient to accomplish.

Q: What else should I remember?
A: We planned this as a vacation, so we’ve built in some free time. A BIG part of this event is the LOCATION. You’re in Miami, use the free time to tour Miami, take in shows/concerts or a special dinner. We’ll have a list of suggested things to do, well before the event. It also leaves you time to connect with specific people, wash up your car, or just relax at the pool. But most importantly, take advantage of your surroundings.

Q: What do I do on Friday night since nothing is planned?
A: This is an evening for your region to enjoy a nice dinner together.We are encouraging the region presidents to put together an activity and/or dinner for their members so be sure to stay in touch with your regional president.



Q: Do I have to stay at the host hotel?
A: No, it’s not required, but it’s STRONGLY recommended. All of our internal activities take place within the hotel. All of our external activities depart from a single point at the hotel (and may have a police presence shutting down streets – so you can’t easily get in). Special parking has also been arranged within the parking lot. It also saves you the inconvenience of having to get up early to get to places – it’s not easy to move around in Miami during rush hour. And of course on all those great afternoons and nights, it’s good to be among your crowd in the same place.

Q: Can I come a few days early or stay a couple of days after the event to see more sights?
A: Yes. We have a limited number of rooms available before and after the event. This is meant to be a vacation. Book early!



Q: How is parking handled?
A: We know the parking can be just as important as the room accommodations, but we’re on top of it. We have already contracted for a special section of the lot specifically for our club. Only people registered for the event can park there. We’ll have 24 hour security watching our cars at all times. There will be no drive through or walk through pedestrian traffic allowed. Parking for participants who are driving non-Vipers will be in an adjacent area, so we’ll still be together.

Q: Is there a fee?
A: Parking does typically have a charge, but the club negotiated free parking (typically $21/day), for all registrants. The parking is also super high tech, and will be bound to your room key! After your first day of entry, you merely hold up your room key to the pad.

Q: We are bringing 2 cars, will parking be free for both?
A: Yes. The club is paying for parking for all those registered for our event and staying in the hotel.

Q: How far is the parking from the hotel?
A: We have a very unique spot, in front of the hotel.

Q: I am trailering my Viper. Is there parking for my rig?
A: Yes, tow vehicle and trailer parking is at the track with plenty of room. We’ll have a dedicated space with security on premises, and locked from outsiders. We suggest you then drive your car to the hotel (or arrange for transportation if you want to leave your car at the track). We’ve also arranged early and late parking. You can arrive on the Monday before the event, and it’ll be available to you through the next Monday after our event! And during the event, we have in/out privileges of 6am-7pm every day.



Q: Do I have to drive all the way?
A: No you don’t but we promise you the drive is well worth your time with gorgeous views, awesome photo ops, a fun little town to explore!When you arrive, you will receive the Key West Challenge Coin! If you don’t go to Key West you miss out on a unique custom designed coin!

Q: What about tolls?
A: Plan on spending about $10 each day we are in the Miami area. The toll authorities will mail you a bill so be sure to pay it!

Q: You mention photo ops – can I use my drone?
A: Unfotunately no you cannot because there is a naval base nearby and they will take control of your drone and you will never see it again!



Q: How far is the track from the hotel?
A: About a 55 minute drive.

Q: You mentioned challenge coins in Key West – what about the track?
A: Yes you will receive another unique custom designed challenge coin!

Q: I’ve never participated in any type of track event, is this geared for novices as well?
Certainly! In fact most people in attendance won’t have any track experience. We will be controlling activities based on your skill level. All track modules are more than within the limits of any driver. We also expect to have some volunteer instructors in case you’d like someone to hop in with you on the road course.

Q: I’m a track rat and bringing my track-only Viper. Can I just stay at the track on all days and skip the other activities?
A: No. We only have 2 days dedicated to track activities and we have to control the number of participants allowed in the venue each day. Coordinating different access for different people is also logistically impossible. NVEs are intended to also be a social event, not just a track weekend. We need to allow time for everyone to be on the track and follow the rules.

Q: Are we all on the track at the same time?
A: No, on those specific track/tour days, half of the total group will be at the track and the other half will be doing tours. We purchased 2 full track days so that smaller groups can enjoy a more intimate experience with no haste or congestion.

Q: What kind of driving experiences can I expect?
A: You will love it. We will have road course, autocross, and high speed NASCAR oval. The road course is a 2.21 mile track with 14 turns, multiple people will be on the track at the same time and with the similiar skill level. Higher skill levels will be allowed to pass each other. The autocross will be a massive flat surface with a course established using orange cones. The trick is to drive through the course as fast as you can without knocking cones over, consider it a mini road course. The high speed oval is a unique experience. We will have access to the entire oval so you can experience what it’s like to drive your car at speed, with an embankment, and without interruption or infield turns. You can’t really find any place on your own that will let you do all these things in one day, especially at one of the world class tracks in the US.

Q: How much track time will I get?
A: Every participant will have dedicated time at each module. The road course module will be the longest, as that is the most popular and time intensive. We’ll even be providing standby lanes for those who wish to revisit any specific modules they like. We perfected the plan at our last NVE, and there were very few people who even make it to the end of the day – you should get more than your fill. You’ll have 9 hours at the track, certainly be driving a good portion of that time!

Q: My guest and I both want to drive on the track. Is that possible?
A: Yes. You can share the car during your track session. You can also revisit modules with the other driver. While sharing a car creates another logistic, it’s fairly easy to split the use of the car.

Q: If I don’t bring my Viper, can I do the track day?
A: Yes, you will certainly still want to come to the track, though your experience will be a little different. You’re certainly free to arrive and visit the modules, spectating, lunch, etc. But the driving experience will be altered. We can partner you up with a volunteer willing to take you in their car. We’re also planning on hot lap experiences to take you out on the track with an experienced driver to show you what the Viper can do. We are also looking for low burden driving sessions to allow non-Vipers (rentals, SRT’s, Hellcats, etc.) to drive some modules – that is still TBD.

Q: Is the track open to outside spectators?
A: No. Only those who registered for our event will be able to gain access to the track. We have some REALLY nice places that are up close that allow good viewing of the action for those who aren’t driving, or for those taking pictures of others.

Q: Are we timing and are there awards?
A: While we cater to all skill levels and want to accommodate those with strong experience, we will not be timing or providing awards. This is not a competitive event, but more so an experience that gives you time and comfort on the track without anything pressuring you. It also minimizes the chances of people driving beyond their limits.

Q: Are helmets required?
A: Yes, for the road course, oval and autocross. For those who own helmets, we please ask you to bring them. However, we will have spare helmets on hand for those who need them.

Having issues registering? You can contact VOA HQ by email: or by phone: 888-778-1545 (M-F-8:30 am to 5 pm EST)