National Viper Event IV - Car Transport

On average, 75% of attendees bring their cars to NVE! While it’s not mandatory (you can just rent a car while you’re there), it indeed adds a lot to the experience, and creates an astounding backdrop with hundreds of Vipers in one place. Many of those who bring their cars will drive them to NVE4, often participating in large caravans which often adds a few neat stops along the way (but are also a good idea, as you’re safer with a group).

But nearly half of attendees who bring their cars to NVE4 will ship them to Miami! It saves putting mileage on the car, but also makes the trip shorter as you don’t spend 1-2 days driving to and from the event. For this reason, the VOA coordinates with a trusted vendor each time so that we can get preferred rates and guaranteed availability to handle so many cars. Members will congregate using this vendor, as you’ll have lower prices when you have more Vipers on the same truck. Regional presidents (or assignees) often collect names and coordinate a pick-up spot to get the vehicles. We then have a predetermined drop off location in Miami where you can get your car.

The designated vendor for car shipments is a company we’ve used for all past NVE’s - Passport Transport. They are also a sponsor of the club and they’re very experienced with Vipers. They are known to use very good equipment to move our cars, and they’ve been doing it for almost 50 years.

If you have a need to ship a car, feel free to contact Passport Transport. Below is a general rate chart to help you ballpark costs (they're listed as one way). It’s also important that you work with your local region, as pretty much every region is coming to NVE. The most cars that are on a truck, the better price you'll get!

Passport Transport

Contact: Ed Watts

Phone: (417) 588-4921



CLICK HERE for a list of basic rates

Having issues registering? You can contact VOA HQ by email: or by phone: 888-778-1545 (M-F-8:30 am to 5 pm EST)