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Welcome to the Viper Owners Association, the premiere car club for owners who are passionate about their Dodge/SRT Vipers. Our goal is simply to help Viper owners have a more enjoyable ownership experience by providing a community environment to share Viper passion with other owners. Join us and live life at redline!

Worldwide! The Largest Viper Club In Existence

In 2013, SRT launched the new Gen V Viper, and in 2014, we launched a new club for all Viper owners. We've taken the lessons we've learned from the past 20 years and started fresh to build the best car club on the planet. In our first year, we built a club with 36 regions around the world (check out our map at, club member services, published a world-class magazine on a quarterly basis, built a website and forums, held our first national event, provided significant discounts for members, and more! Our club is efficient, member-driven, and regionally-focused and puts fun in your club experience. We have established a strong relationship with our manufacturer and are on our way to making this the PREMIER Viper club. Our commitment is from the top down - as we have the most experienced and dedicated club leaders around.

Join us and you'll receive our high-quality, quarterly magazine with the latest Viper news, stunning photography and regional club updates, membership badges, access to local and national events, website/forum access, free goodies, liability insurance coverage at our events, manufacturer access, and best of all, the camaraderie of fellow Viper owners.

Welcome to the new VOA! Get involved, enjoy, and be proud of your club!

VOA Makes Front Page News for Pirelli Tour at Bucket List #2

As part of VOA's Bucket List events, we get to visit some far out places. After a couple of awesome days at Bucket List #2 at Tail of the Dragon, there was also an add-on event for those who were interested - Pirelli provided our club an exclusive invite to visit their factory! A number of folks participated and went to Rome, Georgia for an exclusive look inside a state-of-the-art tire plant to see how Viper tires are made. Our visit also made front page news in Rome, Georgia! To read about it, click here!

Prefix Performance Releases Targa Viper

This week, Prefix released news that will they be proceeding with a targa conversion of the 5th Generation Dodge Viper. The conversion can be completed on any new or used Gen 5 Viper, directly through Prefix or any dealership, and provides owners with a body-colored, removable, carbon fiber roof panel that conveniently stores in the vehicle’s trunk compartment for an open air experience. For more information, click here!

Dodge Unveils Gen V Viper ACR

Dodge took the wraps off the long-awaited Gen V Viper ACR today at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant. A concept was shown at the SEMA show in November, and now the production version is being introduced. This is the third iteration of the American Club Racer concept, a stripped down, street-legal, factory-built racer for track enthusiasts. For more details about this ultimate track toy, click here!

Ralph Gilles To Head FCA Design

VOA congratulates Ralph Gilles, Senior VP of Chrysler Design, who has been promoted to lead all of FCA's global design operations. Ralph will continue to lead FCA's North American design operations as well. Click here to read the official announcement.

Dodge Announces 1 of 1 Custom Viper Program

Dodge announced the 1 of 1 Viper program where customers can order a custom Viper straight from the factory. With 8000 colors, 24,000 stripe options, and 16 interior choices, customers can spec out their own personal Viper. In addition to building a custom Viper, the program includes the ability to watch your Viper being built, and a concierge who will walk you through each step. There's no charge for this service, only the cost of the options. <Click here> for more details, and watch for an exclusive Behind the Scenes look at this program in the next issue of Viper Quarterly.

VOA Webstore Open!!

We’re pleased to announce the grand opening of the VOA store. Chock full of VOA merchandise, from clothing to watches to posters. Great stuff for gifts for your favorite Viperholic! Shop now at