Welcome to the Viper Owners Association

Welcome to the Viper Owners Association, the premiere car club for owners who are passionate about their Dodge/SRT Vipers. Our goal is simply to help Viper owners have a more enjoyable ownership experience by providing a community environment to share Viper passion with other owners. Join us and live life at redline!

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Worldwide! The Largest Viper Club In Existence

In 2013, SRT launched the new Gen V Viper, and in 2014, we launched a new club for all Viper owners. We’ve taken the lessons we’ve learned from the past 20 years and started fresh to build the best car club on the planet. We have built a car club with regions from around the world (check out our map), published a world-class magazine, built a website with active forums, hosted four National Viper Events, and provided discounts for members through our vendors and sponsors.  We continue to do more for our members because our club is efficient, member-driven, and regionally-focused which is focused on putting the fun back into your club experience. Our commitment is from the top down – as we have the most experienced and dedicated club leaders, who are also Viper owners, from around the world. We have a strong relationship with the manufacturer and continue to maintain the interest of our members which makes us the PREMIER Viper club on the planet!

Join us and you’ll receive our high-quality, quarterly magazine with the latest Viper news, stunning photography and regional club updates, membership badges, access to local and national events, website/forum access, free goodies, manufacturer access, and best of all, the camaraderie of fellow Viper owners.

Welcome to the new VOA! Get involved, enjoy, and be proud of your club!

2024 Membership and Renewals are OPEN


The benefits of membership include: access to national gatherings; regional gatherings and bucket list events (you can’t attend as a non-member); and access to the only magazine dedicated exclusively to Dodge/SRT Vipers!

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We are not sending out personalized links due to rising concerns about cyber-security. To renew, simply click on the rectangular Renew Your Membership button mid-way down the left side of your screen, log into the portal and click on RENEW! on the top left side of your menu. Easy Peasy! Problems? Call HQ during regular business hours and Bridgett will be happy to help you!

NVE 6 Announcement

June 22, 2025 – June 27, 2025
9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Registration is OPEN


The VOA is “it” when it comes to supporting the Viper after it was discontinued. The VOA was instrumental in getting Pirelli to manufacture another run of tires after all the tire dealers were out of stock! We also worked with Continental (who owns Hoosier) to develop and manufacture replacement tires for Gen II-V Vipers based on Hoosier technology! We also worked with Forgeline to provide a custom 18″ wheel option for Gen I models so ya’ll have tires available and can keep on driving! On top of all that we also cover new products in the magazine! We feel strongly that one voice will become even more important as time goes on and more and more replacement products need to be developed. The Viper Quarterly has been and will continue to be the place we announce new products for Vipers!