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Welcome to the Viper Owners Association, the premiere car club for owners who are passionate about their Dodge/SRT Vipers. Our goal is simply to help Viper owners have a more enjoyable ownership experience by providing a community environment to share Viper passion with other owners. Join us and live life at redline!

Worldwide! The Largest Viper Club In Existence

In 2013, SRT launched the new Gen V Viper, and in 2014, we launched a new club for all Viper owners. We've taken the lessons we've learned from the past 20 years and started fresh to build the best car club on the planet. In our first year, we built a club with 37 regions around the world (check out our map at, club member services, published a world-class magazine on a quarterly basis, built a website and forums, held our first national event, provided significant discounts for members, and more! Our club is efficient, member-driven, and regionally-focused and puts fun in your club experience. We have established a strong relationship with our manufacturer and are on our way to making this the PREMIER Viper club. Our commitment is from the top down - as we have the most experienced and dedicated club leaders around.

Join us and you'll receive our high-quality, quarterly magazine with the latest Viper news, stunning photography and regional club updates, membership badges, access to local and national events, website/forum access, free goodies, liability insurance coverage at our events, manufacturer access, and best of all, the camaraderie of fellow Viper owners.

Welcome to the new VOA! Get involved, enjoy, and be proud of your club!

NVE3 The Biggest Viper Gathering in the World - Sold Out!

The time is finally here, it's the largest Viper gathering the planet - National Viper Event 3 (NVE3)!! Many hundreds of Vipers, and many more club members, will converge for what is the most over the top Viper event you'll ever see. This spectacle only takes place once every 2 years and moves to a different location each time. This event will do things you can't simply do on your own, in a place you certainly must visit at least once in your life (with many of us loving to revisit...), with a truly massive group of Vipers - making this something you will remember forever. It includes cruises, tours, awesome parties, an incredible track experience, access to special venues, shopping, vendors, auctions, and some killer free gifts. The event date is May 2-5, 2018, and this time around, we're headed to fabulous Las Vegas! We have now activated the full website for this landmark event and all of the intimate details and plans are revealed. We regret to say, that in a mere 11 days, the entire event sold out! We do have a waiting list setup on the NVE3 website for those who'd like to be considered when there are cancellations. Visit the VOA NVE3 website today!

VOA Helping Viper Return to Nurburgring

The crowdfunded effort supported by hundreds of club members (and some very generous sponsors like Kumho) has ended with a "to be continued" as heavy rains didn't provide the team to get many good runs. However, on a bone stock ACR, on the first traffic free dry lap, the Viper set a blazing time of 7:03.45! That's already 9 seconds faster than the best Viper run made in 2011. This does already set several new milestones as Viper set the fastest manual transmission lap, the fastest rear-drive lap, and the fastest American car lap! But the team isn't done, they haven't had a chance to explore the cars full capability on dry pavement and plan to go back this month to continue to attempt! Expectations are that the car will indeed quickly break into the 6's, stay tuned!! For more info on the effort and to help fund, click here.

VOA Sets New Record Today With 2000 Members

Just before New Year's, on Dec 29th, 2016 - the VOA achieved its 2000th membership. This is a big day for the club and a huge milestone for all of its members and enthusiasts who support it. Thank you to all of the leaders, volunteers, and members who make this club what it is. The VOA enjoys an exclusivity on par with only a handful of other well-known niche (non-Viper) clubs. However, through its passion and activity - it achieves and enjoys the benefits of clubs more than 20 times its size. With a worldwide membership of active regions, a multi-award winning magazine, and now - with 2000 people with the best car on Earth. We did it! Kudos to the VOA, a great way to ring in the new year! Read more > >

2017 VOA Bucket List Events Announced

Since 2017 is an off year for our big NVE event, as we always do, we use this time to host a variety of multiregional "Bucket List" events to keep you busy. These events take place in a variety of interesting places across the globe and earmark some special experiences. From the infamous Tail-of-the-Dragon, to road racing in Texas, to a lavish automobile tour of Italy - they create special memories and provide exclusive club experiences you couldn't easily have on your own! For a complete rundown of our Bucket List events, visit:

Welcome to New VOA Region Western Reserve

We have a new region that was formally voted in as of last night by the board - The Western Reserve Region! We want to welcome them to the union. This region sits between the OH and eastern PA area (their exact center point is a little north of Pittsburgh in PA). They had 39 members in their initial charter (25 is required) and it consists of PA and OH residents as well as 5 new members to the VOA. They already have an outline of events they're working on for 2017 and plan to have a full first year. They're off to a good start, let's all join them in welcoming our 37th region to the largest Viper club on the planet!

Shop The VOA Store

Did you know the VOA has built the largest club store in existence related to Viper and club related merchandise! The VOA store has very reasonable prices and a wide variety of items. We keep our inventory up to date with lots of constantly changing new items. You'll find art, apparel, collectibles, novelties, tools, magazine back issues, and cool car stuff! There is also a sale and closeout section with drastic discounts on special items. And of course, the VOA store offers GIFT CARDS - the best gift you can give to the Viper fanatic who is truly impossible to shop for! And we just released out newest item, car matching short sleeve VOA t-shirts! They're available in many color matched selections to match your car. And who else often packs and ships items the SAME DAY!?! We do... Shop the VOA Store >>

VOA Magazine, Viper Quarterly, Wins Big at IAMC

The International Automotive Media Competition (IAMC), is a program to recognize and encourage excellence in all forms of automotive media. Each year it hosts a competition to award the best in the business. Well, our magazine, Viper Quarterly, has just won some very high honors. We didn't win one award, two awards, or even four... our mag won a staggering NINE awards!! This includes not only the individual judging, but also includes two competitive awards that won OVERALL "Best of" categories! Big thank you to our Viper Quarterly editor/designer Maurice and Debbie! And yes, we go up against magazines like Motorweek and Gears, wow!! A quick breakdown of all of the awards are below:

BEST OF DIVISION AWARDS (These are the BIG ones!)
• Best Overall Automotive Magazine – VQ Winter 2015
• Best Magazine Graphics – ACR Is Back

• Overall Publication – VQ Winter 2015
• Feature Story Graphic Design - ACR Is Back
• Road Test Report – ACR For Road &/Or Track

• Feature Story Design – 24 Hours at LeMans
• Autobiography – Member Profile: Jeffrey Binder

• Feature Story – Think Pink!
• Single Photo – Dark Knight

We truly have a magazine we can proud of! If you wish to receive our multi-award winning magazine, or gift it to someone special, you can order a subscription anytime: