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Ron brings up a valid point and this recent change has the possibility of damaging this forums’ efficacy or future.  But this action may be useful in the meantime to help the VOA regain some lost ground from the previous years in terms of manpower / volunteers, finances, attitudes, goals and membership.  We shouldn’t assume this action will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, rather we should give it a chance to flourish.  Maybe it might lead to a chance for other options of membership or accessibility?  Maybe the prior “enthusiasts” will pay to be VOA members NOT because they feel compelled to by a website’s diminished access, rather because they CARE for the greater good of the brand.

I believe our current board is doing a good job to keep the VOA solvent.  I suspect the BoD (comprised of our regional presidents) had a vote on this and it’s not just one person making the decision.  Let’s keep a chin up and work with the VOA instead of knocking down the current Board’s attempts to restore our association.  I hope to see some modifications in the future to the accessibility of this site so that the passions and experiences aren’t lost.  I suspect this will take some time (as all things do) and I’m willing to endure what needs to be done to help the VOA recover from the 2020/21 “explosion”.