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Bill Pemberton
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I will politely disagree as we would just be going down the same road as in the past. VCA and then VOA often commented that keeping the Forum open would help folks see the value and then many would join. That did not work in the past and it has not worked now, the Club is not hiding the Forum and all the Technical aspects behind a Pay Wall, we are stating the value of being a member and having access to years of data. There is a large group of owners out there that left the site because it spends so much time on negative aspects that they left. Supposedly the Board is thinking of ways for past owners to become members and other ideas, but just going down the same road giving full access to folks who just don’t want to pay for a variety of reasons ( many which are frankly very weak ). Those of us who have been in numerous Car Clubs ( SCCA, NASA, PCA, local, etc. ) have seen the constant ups and downs of said organizations and it appears now that things may be on the mend.

Talk to your friends and let them know there is a new Forum site, things appear to be getting better, but the Club and the Viper History needs their help. The issue that they don’t want to pay is mute, because many don’t volunteer in any other way , and this can be their way to do that. Volunteering their funds , while others volunteer their time, we can all get back to celebrating the Viper. This is a Car Club , but it has also been a receptacle for years of knowledge and technical help so we need all to join to preserve the future — we all help each other.

Joining helps support the legacy and like any organization funds are needed to keep it viable. It is time for folks to be reminded that by not becoming a part they would be helping with the demise and when the data and specific info is gone they will have no real excuse. We are just a Car Club, that should be the only real focus and the Forum is a benefit to all . VOA is first and foremost a Car Club the Forum is simply a benefit and an addition to it.

Lastly, even though the new Officers had to undertake working for the Club after all the concerns, so many caused by the Pandemic or not acknowledging the problems it would cause, we might take a pause and realize they are working for free trying to clean up the issues. It seems like things are on the mend, so a bit of compassion is necessary and we need to support the positive aspects the Club has. Heck, if you are a Cubs or Red Sox fan you remember the years of support you gave never knowing if a win was ever going to be in the cards, it is time for Viper Owners to support this and to keep a positive outlook.

I would ask the Volunteer Officers to reach out to a couple of long term members and offer that they are needed to be part of the solution, but that means they need rejoin. Not much to ask considering we are asking to keep the best Viper resource in the World viable.


Thanks for listening and yes my glass is half full, but I also am foolish enough to believe many who have been frustrated still want things to survive so I am ask them to be part of that goal and join or rejoin.