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Not sure about the “explosion” as I am a relatively new member. I actually joined when I got my car last year. So from my perspective and having little to no background on the history of the club I’m not sipping the coolaid. From my perspective this is a turnoff for new members. I lurked here long before I actually bought my car. (Same with ViperAlley and VCA) I stuck around here and joined this group because this was the most active place. But lurking on the different boards was part of the learning process. Now that it is a members only message board it will be minimal foot traffic. Folks will go where they can mingle and ask questions to learn about the platform before potentially buying and joining. And if another site/club is more active that is what will gain the membership. Potential new members will see this as a closed off uninviting place. Seeing what is behind the velvet rope isn’t going to be tempting enough. Just my 2 cents as a new member.