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I know new things always provide a challenge. But so far I am unimpressed. A few constructive comments:


No obvious way to view new threads or posts. When I click on a thread I am always brought to the top, even if I had previously read most of it.  This will get cumbersome if threads get lengthy as you will have no idea where unread posts begin.

Inability to change the display name as stated above.  I see some have, but maybe that is an executive privilege. May be the same situation for an avatar. I prefer my name not be quickly queried via the internet, and the inability to make a screen name may limit posting.

No ability to capture a post and reply to it. With multifaceted threads it will be burdensome to conne4ct a response to what it is responding to.

I haven’t yet seen a post with pictures or links so not sure how that will  work. Are pictures captured locally or need a host?


Given the short interface time that I all I have for now (other than the whole enthusiast thing which seems to be a dead topic now).