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Brian Jackson
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It’s “pretty “, kudos to volunteers who tirelessly (and to some) thanklessly put the effort in.

I’m not here to re-litigate decisions made, however as a 6 year mamba member, I hope we don’t lose our historical data.

while I respect and wholeheartedly support efforts to keep the VOA solvent, it hurts to cruise over to the Alley and see new owner intros that haven’t translated here. I’m committed to maintaining my membership (have since day one of my purchase though I’m not always vocal), I echo concerns of other folks (especially new buyers and/or potential buyers feeling left out here.)

In scenarios where new owners exist, we should be the forefront source of data given our history and historical data from folks involved in building these cars.

Either way, I’m proud to own my ‘17 1of1 GTC TA1.0 group car. It was my dream and will continue to be so..