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Ryan,  I’m not attempting to spread any notions of cool-aid and I thank you for becoming a member.  Welcome aboard!!  As you lurked the sites before purchasing your Snake, I suspect you’ve read some threads / posts / pages which may give reference to what I generically termed an “explosion”.   And it should be considered as having learned from mistakes.  I’m VERY passionate about the Viper and thoroughly believe that the VOA will be a continued resource and reason for it’s survival amongst the owners.  We’re at about 1100 members now and it’s very possible for these numbers to grow as the new Board’s transparency and financial efforts continue.

I believe this site is still searchable / viewable by non-members and the technical information shared previously is still accessible to non-members.  The main change that I’m aware of is that non-members cannot gain access to the members only areas AND they are not permitted to post questions / responses.  As mentioned before, this allows the forum to be a benefit of membership for the membership.

Bill; LOVE your insight on the value in helping the Association and all it does for the Viper!!  Keep that glass half full.  Great idea to suggest reaching out to prior longtime members.

In general, suggesting the site may die out because of low membership numbers, or implying that the current members don’t have the same levels of experience as the prior enthusiasts / members provided MIGHT just happen.  But it’s way too early to come to that conclusion.  The concept that the community should come together to maintain the same level of expertise provided should be the compelling decider to resume or become a member.  It’s not (so much) about the money in my opinion, rather the preservation of a discontinued icon.  Though, it’s obvious that this Association must work with a budget to exist in the caliber Viper owners demand.  Sponsorships and advertising need to be supplemented and things cost money.  I’ll be that skipping record: Viper owners need to band together, remain a strong advocate for the car and provide some funds to enjoy their passion.  I’d like to see the VOA be THE Association to be the preservers of this car for their drivers and collectors.

On another note, I’ve been a member of a Miata club (embarrassing?, yeah a little, LOL)….  but it was my first car club affiliation decades ago.  And, ironically, the Miata was a pretty cool car to play with.  Anyhow, it was a paid forum / club “way” back then.  Of course, it wasn’t a lot to be a member (I think it was only $25 back then), but look at the difference in membership / budget potential.  I don’t recall how many Miatas were build (Google says over 1 million) but I’m positive it was a lot more than Vipers. There are most likely less than 30k left of 36k Vipers built in their 25 year period.  We have a diminishing car, Viper techs and parts.  The resources available here and through here are well worth the $150 membership (or $195 if you want the quarterly collectable magazine).  $75 of that is going back to the regions for their events.

Finally, I’m not one to try and sell a ketchup popsicle to a person wearing white clothing.  Salesmanship is not my area of expertise.  However, volunteers are hard at work here.  Volunteers assisted by a BoD made of up MORE volunteers from the regions.  People have donated / volunteered many reasonably billable hours of time, but haven’t billed.  Sacrifices have been made.  The term “this too shall pass” comes to mind and I’m optimistic with the future of the VOA.  Let’s keep the rubber side down on the pavement and enjoy our cars to their fullest.  Part of this enjoyment is the VOA.

Sorry for the length.  I’m also not good at shorthand.  LOL