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The reason for the change to new technology were many. The old technology combined with security issues, support (volunteer time) and money were factors. Just to move the VOA members over from the old platform to the new is a big undertaking for a limited volunteer resources. We are still helping people on a daily basis to get access. Since membership helps support the website, we owe it to them to work for them first.

So what we did is we moved the old website to a new domain so that we can keep it for a long time for its historical value. We made it read only for security and support reasons. By making it read only and not allowing new users it reduced our security issues and the need to support. We left access for people to message each other because it did not effect stability of the website.

So who is going to move the old forum to new forum.  Our plan is to keep the old website and all the data for everyone to view and get the important historical data. Now that we do not have to support it with time on the back end it is easy to just leave as is.

We will be working on the back end of the new website over the next few months making improvements for operations of the club and launching new things to help maintain the Vipers.

The website needed balance for both members and all other Viper owners. We need it to have access for everyone but members needed a reason to join and by giving posting rights it added a level of membership benefit. We gave every viewing rights to see if this is something they want to be part of an join.

We are documenting the history of the Viper and everyone can see like Spirit of Viper program which honors the guys that built the car. We have the Viper Racing History website which documents the racing history. These programs are funded by donors and the time to produce is volunteered base on the love of the Viper. We are working on getting parts that are hard to get to preserve the cars. We have other programs in the works to help preserve the cars.

The club has a lot going on and the regions are a big part of why we all come to together and help each other.

The financials are in great shape now but volunteer support is lacking. So things take time to get done. Today people want things immediately. The regions and national teams all need help to improve the club experience. So if you have some time I would reach out to your regional club and ask how you can help.