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Ben Keethler
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Agree with the comments from the previous post. I have a new generation ROE kit and have been very happy. 2002 non-forged internals will impact boost level and would definitely include a water/methanol kit. That said if MPG is a significant driver for you, not sure if you want to play with more horsepower. The only way to get more horsepower consumes more fuel. The type of driving (street/highway) and your right foot will determine the MPG. I have a ’99 so do not have the same boost limitations. I never got great mileage before – roughly 11 mpg around town and 13mpg highway. I am not Mario Andretti, but also not Driving Mrs. Daisy. After supercharging (14lbs of boost) 700RWHP, I get about 8 mpg around town and 10 mpg highway. Hard to say how 5 or 7 lbs of boost would impact. Clearly for me mpg was not a concern.