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Hello everyone. New member here from Ohio. Multiple Viper owner.

I’ve been a Viper owner for a long time and go to the events locally and drive my Vipers all over the country as well. I did not pay my “dues” for the forum at all. As it’s been said, there are plenty of forums with information that aren’t behind a paywall. So having access to a forum isn’t something I even thought of when I joined. It’s fun to have access to it now but I have talked to many people on the phone that are members, Steve Indy being a huge one, and with these cars being harder and harder to keep on the road, it seemed like a good idea to join up and help the VOA membership grow. In the end, I don’t think people are paying to see this forum or the information inside of it.

One thing I would suggest though is that Steve, and the other very knowledgeable people that help so many that do not join, encourage or even ask that people join the VOA before they spend a lot of time helping them. THAT is a huge perk. As I said, I have bugged Steve many times on the phone and he is always so happy to help so selfishly and this was before I had ever technically joined the VOA. So I’m happy to be a Mamba member now and bug Steve the others here for help when I need it.