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Brent Barr
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Truthfully, it comes down to where you live or how far you’re willing to ship your car. Not changing the exhaust is going to rob you 30-60 whp. It is difficult to come across Roe kits anymore. My advice would be the Paxton. It seems that the Paxton cars have less cooling issues compared to Roe cars. Either way I would highly recommend a watermeth kit as well. Regardless you run the risk of snapping the crank pulley. If you do decide to supercharge it do not throw on a DLM tensioner. Out of the 3 snapped cranks on supercharged cars that I have seen in the last year, I believe all three ran that tensioner. The other thing is the tuning. A lot of people do remote tuning, I can say that it costs more and it never seems like you get the same drivability that you would if you had the car tuned in person at a shop. I have two Paxton cars myself. The Paxton with the stock bypass valve is depressingly quiet, which sounds perfect for what you’re looking for. I upgraded mine to the Vortech Max Flow Race BOV so I could actually hear the supercharger.