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In the 2001 service manual I was not able to find the steps on how to rebuild the caliper.  However, I was able to find that Centric makes a kit with all the necessary parts to rebuild the 2001-2002 rear calipers.  The Centric part number is 14361026.  You can also find the same kit part number listed under StopTech since StopTech is a part of Centric.


Since I found the parts, I decided to take the caliper apart.  The rebuild was super easy.  Using the OEM tool kit 27113 for servicing disk brake calipers, made it very easy to start threading the piston back onto the parking brake screw inside the body of the caliper.   Without this tool kit, it was impossible to get the piston back in.

I did not take any pictures to document the steps, but next time I will.