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Nick Therien
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This post is meant to clarify questions about some inquiries I have received.





I am the 3rd individual offering Gen 1/2 Viper Lenses for sale
The “diffusers” in the lens.  In order to accelerate our time to market when we concluded demand was high, we omitted this detailing.  It was determined in our minds that the lines were more of an aesthetic detail that did not affect the beam of the light.  We did not short sell quality, nor fit in order to make this happen.  Thus, due to this missing detail, the price was adjusted as we were aware that some may prefer a more OEM look.
A Gen 1/2 Viper Headlight Lens PPF stencil has been made and we are ready to cut film for the Viper community.  If you would like PPF with a set of Lenses, as always, please inquire to my email TLites31500@Gmail.com.  If you would simply just prefer PPF, we can offer that too.
Installation, I’ll be happy to guide any customer of mine through the removal and installation process of the lenses.  Please inquire.



Thank you all for the questions and more importantly the support.





PS, again, please inquire through email instead of the forums.  It is way easier to keep up through emails.  While I’m a former Viper owner, I created a new account for my business and don’t have the ability to PM.