Viper Owners Association Advertising Program

The Viper Owners Association wants to establish a thriving vendor connection as a resource to its club members. There are terrific opportunities for businesses to connect directly to Viper owners and enthusiasts to help spread the word on their products and services. That connection can be made through the following two methods:

  • Website - Rotating, static, and/or animated banners on the national website
  • Viper Quarterly - Multiple ad options for placement in our Viper magazine (and you get a free annual subscription!)

Advertise on the VOA Website - Effective & Efficient!

The Viper Owners Association realizes that your time is valuable and that the most effective way to reach your target audience is via electronic means. Technology is continuously changing, so the VOA will continue to improve in response to your needs. Our website is designed with several marketing possibilities for you to explore which are both affordable and allow for some customization specific for your business:

Costs and Types of website Ads (Based on 6 months):
Index Page - Uses 50% scaled version of your banner on the HOME PAGE of the website. Banner displayed at all times with web-link to your company. $500
Main Forum list page - Full size banner on the top of the MAIN FORUM LIST page as a header. Banner rotates with other vendors, once per page load. $350
Inside a Forum Zone (including all threads) - Full size banner within a specific FORUM ZONE. Banner rotates with other vendors, once per page load. Will be seen on all threads within the zone you select. $250
Classifieds page zone - Full size banner on the top of the main CLASSIFIED page as a header. Banner rotates with other vendors, once per page load. $200
Picture gallery zone - Full size banner on the top of the main PICTURE Gallery page as a header. Banner rotates with other vendors, once per page load. $200
Package Deal - 15% additional discount if you buy ALL of the above options! $1250


In addition to ANY of the above choices you choose, you will also receive these value adds:

  • Your forum avatar will have the title of "site sponsor"
  • You will be allowed a custom signature on your posts
  • You will receive a dedicated forum in the "Vendor Showcase" for your company
  • Your full size banner will be added to a sponsor page (with link to your website)
  • You can request customized statistics for web usage/hits on your banner(s)

Our forum lists (by zone) include but are not limited to:

WELCOME Zone: New Owner Questions and Introductions

VIPER Zone: General; Gen I / Gen II; Gen III / Gen IV; Gen V; Viper Competition Coupe/ACR-X/GTS-R

MECHANICALS Zone: Tire, Wheel, Brake & Suspension; Performance Modifications; Viper Detailing Tips and Tricks; How To's

VENDORS AND PRODUCTS Zone: Viper Parts and Accessories; Merchandise, Collectibles, Memorabilia, Apparel

VIPER OWNERS ASSOCIATION Zone: Membership, Information, and News; VOA Events and Gatherings; Northeast Regions; Southeast Regions; Midwest Regions; Southwest Regions; West Regions; International Regions. Lets you target local customers.

GENERAL DISCUSSION Zone: Fun and Games; Your Other Rides


Specifications on the banners are as follows:

Full size banner 468 x 60* In Pixels (width x height)
Scaled banner 185 x 24 In Pixels (width x height)
Image types .GIF, .PNG or .JPG format
*Approximate size shown below

The VOA also offers banner design services! We can create custom banners (with animation) for a modest price of $150. Inquire about our services if you need them!

Advertise in Viper Quarterly

Current Ad pricing for Viper Quarterly is below:

15% discount on Standard Rates for ads placed for 1 year (4 issues)

Position Standard Rate/issue
Inside Front Cover $3000
Inside Back Cover $3000
Back Cover* $4000
Spread (2 pages) $4000
Full Page $2500
½ Page $1300
¼ Page $700
*only available on a quarterly basis, limited to availability


2015 Advertising Schedule:

Issue Ad Close Materials Circulation
Quarter 1 1 February 2015 1 March 2015 1 April 2015
Quarter 2 1 May 2015 1 June 2015 1 July 2015
Quarter 3 1 August 2015 1 September 2015 1 October 2015
Quarter 4 1 October 2015 1 November 2015 1 December 2015


Advertising specifications:

Digital File Specifications: Native Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop files
Resolution: All files to be provided at 300 dpi, high resolution PNG
Fonts: Must be embedded, require “print/press ready” PDF
Colors: All ads to comply with CMYK color mode
Proofs: All ads shall be accompanied by a commercial-grade proof
Not accepted: Word, Powerpoint, or Publisher files as these are not appropriate formats for offset printing

Advertisement design services available at additional charge upon request.

Page specifications:


Ready to get started?

You can download a copy of all of the information on this page by clicking HERE.

If you would like to complete an online application, please FOLLOW THIS LINK.


If you would like to order by mail, or talk to some one about advertising on the
Viper Owners Association, you may do so with this information:

Viper Owners Association
PO Box 585
London, Ohio 43140
Toll-free: 1-888-778-1545 extension 3
Fax 1-888-778-1545