Club Member Guidelines

Purpose: This document outlines the principles, values, and standards that guide general conduct within the Viper Owners Association car club (Club). Its objective is to benefit members and affiliates/enthusiasts by instilling a safe, respectful and positive culture throughout the Club. These guidelines should serve to create a consistent Club culture and set general expectations with respect to appropriate behavior. This document does not override stipulations or bylaws that exist within local regions of the VOA. (Note: References to “Officers”, include both VOA National and Regional Officers).

Integrity and Consideration
Officers and members are responsible for respecting the integrity and dignity of each and every Club member. Officers are committed to making the Club an inclusive, diverse organization based upon mutual respect and appreciation.

Respect for Community Property
No Officer or member shall avail themselves or their associates of more than their share of property or assets owned by the Club. Theft or financial misappropriation shall be grounds for discipline up to and/or including membership revocation. Additional punishment and/or legal action may be pursued as appropriate or necessary.

Respect for Others
Members shall respect other members, their personal property, as well as their vehicles. Inflammatory or hurtful comments are to be avoided; accepting that opinions regarding personal likes vary widely within the club. Tolerance is a big virtue within large clubs and must be practiced. Specific website forum rules are provided in depth on the forums and must be followed. Members should also exhibit a “herd mentality” and seek to protect the vehicles and the safety of other Club members when in public places or at club events.

Member information will never be shared by the national club to any outside entity without prior written notice and approval. Member information shall not be used to solicit other members for anything other than club activities or business. The Club will not share information about a club member, to another club member directly (ie: requesting the phone # of another member).

Members have a right to:

  • Be treated fairly, equally and respectfully by the Officers and all other Club members .
  • Socialize in an environment free from all forms of harassment and discrimination as defined by Federal, State and Local Laws, e.g. Title VII, Americans with Disabilities Act, Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act.
  • Voice their opinions, requirements and suggestions to the Officers.
  • Be informed of, and be actively involved in, all Club events and offerings.
  • Have the right to run for Club office as defined by the Club By-Laws.
  • Volunteer for a variety of needs within the club should opportunities exist

Officers and Members are responsible for:

  • Providing accurate and honest information to the Club.
  • Treating other members, guests, as well as the staff and other patrons of a venue where a Club event is being held, fairly, and with respect and courtesy.
  • Behaving responsibly and conducting themselves in a manner which will not harm or injure the reputation of the Club, its Officers, its events, organizers, participants or sponsors.
  • Avoiding the use of excessive public profanity; nor shall they engage in any physical or verbal harassment of others.
  • Showing both tolerance for the likes of others and self-restraint when publicizing pictures, videos, and other media that might be considered offensive based on societal norms.
  • Accepting responsibility for any fees or costs related to a Club event or other Club offering to which that member has committed, regardless of whether the member attends the event or not.
  • Protecting membership privileges by not availing club benefits to non-members. Club generated/funded materials, notifications, newsletters, food, gifts, events, etc… are privileged only to club members, except as specifically directed by the Officers.

Non-members and Enthusiasts:

  • May occasionally visit a club event and are bound to the same ethical and behavioral standards.
  • Are bound by the same rules as members when using club website forums.

Breaches of this Code of Conduct:

  1. Any Officer, member or guest that does not abide by the terms of this Code at a Club event may be asked to leave the event which may also forfeit any monies paid to participate in that function.
  2. Any reports of inappropriate behavior by an Officer or Club member shall be investigated and discussed by the Board of Directors at the appropriate regional or national level. The Board of Directors may pursue disciplinary action, up to an including, suspension or revocation of membership, as outlined in the Club’s By-Laws.

Download the VOA Code of Conduct