VOA National Events

While the many regions of the VOA are responsible for the great events available to you, the National VOA also hosts several large (not to miss) gatherings you’ll want to be aware of! These gatherings often come in the form of well-coordinated events with many Viper owners from around the world. They span many interesting locations and provide excellent opportunities to use your car, meet other owners, and do things you otherwise can’t easily do on your own. And of course it’s always more fun in a group, as we often take over every town we visit! Below you’ll find all those events you’ll want on your radar, as well as recaps, of some of the key national events we’ve done in the past!

Upcoming VOA National Events

Known as the largest Viper gatherings in the world! These gatherings are the VOA’s signature biennial event which converge VOA members from around the world! These events are held every two years (on even years) and serve as the largest Viper gathering anywhere on the globe. These events move to different cities each time and provide a wide variety of activities including car cruises, track events, tours, dinners, car shows, auctions, shopping, vendor displays, free gifts, and more. Members often ship/drive their cars long distances to participate in the event with their Vipers! These are planned as vacation style events, meant to encourage participation by the whole family. Aside from club activities, we plan strategic free time so you also have the opportunity to take advantage of the trip to explore the area on your own, spend time with family, and meet up with friends (and of course wash your car!). So whether you’re new to the club or are a veteran, everyone benefits from these massive gatherings. There’s nothing like being surrounded by HUNDREDS of Vipers and the passionate people who own them! And if it’s too far to bring your car, don’t worry, you can also attend without your Viper. Visit the NVE5 website for more information on NVE5 in 2023!

VOA National Bucket List Events

As we always do, we use the off years from NVEs to host a variety of multiregional “Bucket List” events to keep you busy. Held on odd numbered years, these events take place in a variety of interesting places across the globe and earmark some special experiences. From the infamous Tail-of-the-Dragon, to road racing in Texas, to a lavish automobile tour of Italy, and don’t forget the New England Lobster Roll, – they create special memories and provide exclusive club experiences you couldn’t easily have on your own! These are coordinated and run by our wonderful and active local club regions which welcome VOA members from all over the world. These events encourage you to bring your Viper, but can of course also be attended without.

As more plans and details are available for these events, we’ll keep you updated.

July 8, 2024