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Hi Ron,
My name is Richard and I’m the VP of the New England region. I have a four car hauler which I’m looking to fill in order to help offset my attendance to NVE5. I reside in RI and will be going through PA to head West. Email me directly, (spidat69@cox.net) if you are still looking for transport of your car. My hauler is a “mini-4” stacker, open trailer, where I can transport two on the upper level and two on the lower level. My Viper will be on the lower level, right behind my truck. I can also configure the trailer to a wedge set-up so no other cars (except my own) are under another.
Our VOA president (Mike K.) had provided my information to two other members earlier this week, from (I think) the NY region. I haven’t heard from them directly yet. That being said, if they take advantage of my ability to transport their cars, I will have one spot left.
I transported four cars to NVE4 in Miami without any issues. One from RI and three from NC. The main purpose of my purchasing the trailer was to assist my region and this association to going to events they didn’t want to drive their Vipers to. Only a few members from my region are going to NVE5 and they preferred an enclosed transport option.
Again, if I can be or service to you, let me know. I’d attach a picture of my setup here, but I’m not proficient with this forum yet. I can send you one via email if you’d like.