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I don’t believe the intent of mentioning social media platforms was to place blame.  And I believe that there are plans in place to combine data from the old site to this site.  It’s my understanding that the old forum’s technical information accumulated over the years will eventually become part of this new site.  If it took a decade to populate on the old forums, it’s positively not happening over the course of a year on this one.

I think the leadership does get it.  Keep in mind that VOA leadership is partially comprised of regional presidents.  Regional presidents who are to represent the majority of their region members.  It’s simply taking time.  Time that’s requiring a lot of volunteer man-hours.  Things may be slow to grow here, but they are growing.

This thread is about the forum, so I don’t want to hijack it with pointing out the other areas of the VOA which the Board has been focusing and succeeding on.  Things are on the rise.